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Talent 360 - Unified Applicant Tracking System

Streamline Your Hiring Process Efficiently Our applicant tracking system simplifies recruitment, automates tasks, and improves candidate management for better hiring outcomes.

Simplify Hiring with Our Powerful Applicant Tracking System

Talent 360 an applicant tracking system is a powerful software solution designed to assist recruiters and employers in efficiently managing the entire recruiting and hiring process. It serves as a centralized platform where companies can track, organize, and evaluate candidates from the initial application stage to the final hiring decision. Talent 360 software offers a range of functionalities, from basic database management to comprehensive suites of tools. These tools enable businesses of all sizes to streamline their recruitment efforts by simplifying candidate filtering, enhancing collaboration among team members, automating time-consuming tasks, and providing valuable insights through analytics. With an ATS, organizations can optimize their hiring process, save time, and make more informed decisions when selecting top talent for their team.

SnowDIF (Data Integration Framework)

Key features of Talent 360

streamline hiring by automating the recruitment process

Centralized Candidate Management
Efficiently organize and track applicant information in one place for easy access and retrieval.
Collaborative Hiring Process
Facilitate seamless collaboration among hiring team members for effective communication and streamlined decision-making.
Job Posting and Distribution
Reach a larger audience by posting job openings across various platforms and job boards simultaneously.
Interview Scheduling and Tracking
Simplify interview scheduling and keep track of candidate appointments, ensuring a smooth and organized interview process.
Resume Screening and Filtering
Automate the initial screening process to identify qualified candidates based on predefined criteria.
Performance Analytics and Reporting
Gain insights into recruitment metrics, track performance, and generate reports to optimize hiring strategies and measure success.

Why Choose Talent 360

Your Shortcut to Efficient, Insightful, and Streamlined Talent Acquisition.

Resume Parsing
Automatically extract relevant information from resumes and populate candidate profiles, saving time and improving data accuracy.
Candidate Communication
Facilitate seamless communication with candidates through integrated email templates, automated notifications, and status updates.
Reporting and Analytics
Generate reports and gain valuable insights into recruitment metrics, allowing data-driven decision-making and continuous process improvement.
Customizable Workflows
Configure and streamline the hiring process according to your organization's specific needs, ensuring consistency and efficiency.
Advanced Search and Filtering
Quickly search and filter candidate data based on various criteria, such as skills, experience, location, or keywords.
Integration and Collaboration
Integrate with other HR and recruitment tools, such as job boards and background screening services, and enable seamless collaboration among team members.

Case Studies

Our services optimize service within applications with bottleneck identification
and elimination, high availability and performance, and cost optimization to achieve
business goals more efficiently

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