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A Consumer Goods firm in the US

Business Scenario

Develop a Voice-based artificial intelligence solution to replace humans in drive-thru restaurant chains. Creating a custom Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) for food ordering will provide better conversational experiences with improved accuracy and efficiency, thus enable business to streamline the drive thru food ordering process with lower operational cost and improved customer satisfaction.

Business Drivers

  • High Cost – On average restaurant spends $50K annually towards the employee compensation
  • Reduced Efficiency – Revise existing business metrics being displayed and add or remove new metrics to better address  business requirements
  • Low Up-Sell – Non-uniformity in cases of dealing promotions and up-sell opportunities result in lost business

Solution Highlights

  • Develop a Voice-driven Artificial Intelligence solution using DialogFlow (AI development suit from Google) that can interact with the customers and take their orders
  • Customizable voice bots as per business requirements
  • Easy integration with many devices
  • Accelerated response time for queries

Business Outcomes

  • Increased productivity and Less manual error
  • High up-selling with Improved customer experience
  • Increase productivity of Staff and Inventory Management
  • Promote New restaurants – Less investment in Staff
  • Shorter standby times

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