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A Life Sciences Firm in the US

Business Scenario

A biopharmaceutical company aims to streamline its processes for various franchises. It intends to migrate the legacy system which involves the redesign of the existing SAS code to more efficiently generate needed data to be consumed by the Qlik dashboard. The project includes migration of SAS process to Informatica components

Business Drivers

  • 40+ SAS datasets to be migrated
  • Revise existing business metrics being displayed and add or remove new metrics to better address  business requirements
  • Lack of SME to make faster decision
  • Performance improvement
  • Data quality and data integrity issues

Solution Highlights

  • Understand and analyze legacy system involving SAS scripts and data sources
  • Deriving strategies to convert SAS programs to ETL solutions
  • Analyze business requirements/reports and define the data strategy to establish business needs
  • Informatica, Teradata, Autosys components in UNIX environment were developed.
  • Detailed regression testing to ensure no data quality and integrity issues

Business Outcomes

  • Improvised business decisioning due to on time information and faster changes to components.
  • Standardized way of data management and reporting solutions
  • Performance enhancement with more flexibility towards enforcing changing business rules

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